Gluten Free Dining in Shibuya: Little Bird Cafe

Want to go to a restaurant where everything is gluten free and you don’t have to bother with cumbersome allergy cards (that you can only hope are correctly translated)? Check out Little Bird Cafe in Shibuya, Tokyo!


They have a wide range of traditional Japanese foods and also other food options such as burgers, pizza, and delicious dessert waffles. I had gyoza, yakisoba, and a chocolate banana waffle for dessert.  I was so excited to be able to try gyoza (I didn’t think this was very likely to happen due to my wheat allergy!).

They also have vegan options (yay for dairy free!).

little bird waffles

Location & Hours

Little Bird Café is located in Shibuya, Tokyo.  It’s about a 25 minute walk from Shibuya station…unless you get a little lost like we did. We walked for about half an hour in the wrong direction before coming across some sort of hair salon/school (?) also named Little Bird. I cannot find this school/salon on google when I try now, but for some reason that is where google maps led us originally – you’ve been warned! The restaurant is hidden up a stairwell on the second floor, but isn’t too hard to find (once Google maps gives you a rough idea of where to look).

The restaurant is open most days from 12PM-9PM but check their facebook/Instagram first before making the trek just in case they are closed for a holiday or something.  While we were in Japan we found that many restaurants had regular scheduled hours but would randomly be closed (for no obvious reason that we could figure out). So that was something we started checking ahead of time online!

What to Expect

Little Bird Café is a small restaurant with seating for approximately 15 people. Show up early so you can get a seat. The size of the restaurant makes for a cozy environment and it has a fun, hippy kind of feel to it with greenery everywhere.

Overall Impression

This restaurant is a gluten free haven. If you want to go to a restaurant where you can sit back and not worry at all about cross contamination and fumbling with your allergy card, go here! The food was good and having the opportunity to try traditional Japanese dishes was awesome. I would definitely go back!


Note from Ried: I am fortunate enough that my allergies don’t hold me back while travelling (even if I can’t enjoy the sweet taste of strawberry kiwi juice, allergies are the worst!). However, eating at Little Bird was not a disappointment. I also had the Yakisoba and was able to enjoy the same slightly fishy taste that I might expect eating at a variety of glutenous restaurants throughout Japan. The food here was much better than it is at a number of gluten free restaurants. I also felt the price was quite reasonable. The menu isn’t huge, and gluten free is the only option. The gyoza is also good, though I did have better gyoza with gluten while in Osaka.



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