Mama Eat – Rome Restaurant Review

When you think of Italian food, you often think of gluten heavy dishes like pasta and pizza. Going to Italy, I expected to have an incredibly hard time finding gluten free food. I was pleasantly surprised – Italy does extremely well at handling gluten allergies and gluten free food can be found at almost every restaurant. It was amazing!

My favorite restaurant we went to while in Italy was Mama Eat in Rome. They have a sit down restaurant in Trastevere and a street food location with limited seating near the Vatican.

We visited the location in Trastevere for dinner our first night in Rome and at that point I knew I’d died and gone to food heaven. We sat outside so we could people watch, and the atmosphere and service were both great. Almost everything on the menu can be made gluten free so you don’t have to feel like you are missing out and can try a lot of traditional Italian foods. For an appetizer we had Zeppoline which was basically balls of deep fried pizza dough. I had a delicious pasta dish with handmade pasta noodles for my main course.  The food tasted delicious!


A few days later, after a day spent at the Vatican, we stopped at their second location which serves street food. I got fried chicken and fries (so amazing to be able to have fried chicken!). Be warned the serving sizes here are huge! So if you want dessert (which you will because they have some awesome choices!), you might want to opt for the smaller size option of the main meal, or don’t and just gorge.  For dessert I had scugnizzielli alla Nutella (deep fried pizza dough covered in sugar and a Nutella type sauce over top).

Mama Eat was definitely my favorite restaurant in Italy. I felt like I had a large variety of food to choose from and was happy to be able to eat real Italian food. Service was good at both locations and I would happily return for more!


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