Shinjuku’s Robot Restaurant – Skip the Food, Stay for the Show

Quite some time ago, Ried read an article highlighting some of the more unique restaurants in Japan. This is when we discovered the Robot Restaurant and decided we would have to check it out someday. Fast forward a few years, and we found ourselves with tickets to a show we hoped would live up to our expectations. We were not disappointed!


We booked our tickets through Trip Advisor for just over $70 (Canadian) each. You can buy tickets directly through the Robot Restaurant’s website as well. It seems like the shows sell out quite frequently so I would definitely suggest getting your tickets ahead of time. After reading multiple reviews saying the food wasn’t that great we decided to skip the meal and just get tickets to the show. You aren’t required to buy food or drink to enjoy the show, so you can decide what works best for you!

Initial Impressions

The outside of the restaurant is bright, neon, and chaotic. Two “fem-bots” sit outside the front and you can climb up and get a picture with them if you wish (you’ve come this far, why not?). Across the street from the restaurant is a building where you go to get your reservation confirmed and are given physical tickets. The line was quite long for this so get there at least half an hour early to make sure you get in on time. Once you get your tickets, you head over to the restaurant and are lead into a very small elevator which takes you to a lounge. The lounge area is also bright, neon, and chaotic. There are screens on the walls playing some sort of movie in which women in metal bikinis ride horses a lot. There is also live music by costumed performers. It can be hard to find a seat so, again, get there early. This is a good time to get a drink and sit back and take it all in – it’s only going to get more overwhelming to the senses as the night progresses! Make sure you save a beverage for the show. You can order drinks during the intermissions but there isn’t a large selection.

The Show

After sipping your drink for a bit, you’ll be lead down a LOT of stairs. I’m not really sure how far underground the show is, but it feels pretty far and you’re down there with a couple hundred people, so if you’re claustrophobic be warned. This place is definitely a fire trap! Once you get down, you’ll see an open space lined by seats on either side. The seats are extremely small and the tables are about the same size as an airplane table (another reason to forgo the food). A quick note – Ried and I had pretty crappy seats. At one point a massive door opens up and an inflatable animatronic snake comes out, unfortunately the door opened right in front of us and blocked a good part of our view of the show. So avoid seats 98 and 99! We still enjoyed the show, but would have preferred something with a better view.

Once the show starts, be prepared for lots of music, lights, noise, robots, and dancing! It is sensory overload! There is a story being told throughout the show which we followed reasonably well. Our favorite part was the laser light show that was quite well done. There are multiple intermissions throughout the show where they sell food, drinks and expensive souvenirs.


After the Show

After the show it was time to head up all of the stairs you climbed down (there is an elevator that I would think you could use if needed) and decompress. Ried and I couldn’t believe what we had just experienced. Everything about the Robot Restaurant is over the top and it surely did not disappoint.

I would recommend this for people who are wanting some crazy, over the top entertainment. It’s definitely not for everyone (we saw a few people with kids leave partway through though we aren’t really sure why). The show was what we expected except for a more cohesive story than anticipated. We really enjoyed ourselves and were thoroughly entertained.



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