Novotel Paris Centre Tour Eiffel

Two years after Rachel and I were married, we joined some members of her family on a trip to Paris. On this trip we explored France, ventured to Belgium and Luxembourg, and visited my Dad in England. We stayed in Paris until we took the Chunnel to England which means we only have one hotel to review. This took place well before Rachel and I considered writing a blog which unfortunately means we have no photos of the hotel. So enjoy some pictures from France.

We made Novotel Paris Centre Tour Eiffel our base while we wandered the streets of Paris and traveled by train on numerous day trips. This trip took place in February, and coming from the Canadian winter, we were excited for milder weather. We were surprised how cold Paris actually gets.

Because I am reviewing a stay from so long ago, I have to rely on my memory so I may not have all the details but our stay was pleasant. Our room was clean and comfortable, albeit a little on the small side. At the time, my Brother in Law had gold status on Expedia which granted him a free room upgrade. The upgrade was significantly better than our room as it was much more spacious. We had no issues with staff while we were there, though we did have to have our bags searched whenever we entered the hotel, which was due to the recent terrorism. Our only complaint during our stay was that the shower never got very warm and had minimal pressure. After a long cold day of walking, we would have appreciated the opportunity to warm up. The rest of our family did not have any issues with water temperature so it seems to just depend on the room.

The hotel is in a great location, a short walk to the train station and the Eiffel tower just beyond that. I am sure that many hotels offer better views, however, our view was decent.

Pros: Great location, Clean, Comfortable

Cons: Cold showers and no water pressure

I would have no problem staying at this hotel again. It was affordable and met our needs and we were as comfortable as students could hope for. If you are willing to spend more, it may be worth the upgrade but we had no regrets.


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