Eating with Allergies at the Airport

While travelling, the airport is often the hardest place to find food that accommodates Rachel’s allergies. In the past we have done a poor job of preparing food for Rachel beforehand. We always get stuck buying questionable fruit or greasy snacks that make you feel gross over the hours spent travelling. To add insult to injury, this mediocre fare costs more than some plane tickets! We have been able to sit down for meals at a few airports, and as time passes, it becomes a little bit easier. However, sometimes sitting down isn’t an option while trying to make your connection.

When travelling through Vancouver airport (YVR) we are fortunate to be able to get a meal at Rice Tales. They offer rice bowls that are gluten and dairy free and taste decent for airport food. Their food comes at airport fast food prices and comes in a takeout package which allows you to take it to your gate or on the plane. When at YVR, this is probably the best option when eating with allergies.

We have also eaten at Archibald’s at the Montreal airport (YUL). The food here is a bit pricier and isn’t particularly amazing. We also haven’t been particularly impressed with the service in our two experiences here. They do offer gluten free burgers supposedly, but when we came we were told the buns were all in storage. Rachel ate salmon and does not have fond memories as food poisoning from the Dominican kicked in immediately after our meal (not the restaurant’s fault). Despite us not having the best experiences here, it does have some allergy friendly options.

We have also eaten gluten free at the Calgary airport (YYC). We ate at the Chili’s and had as good an experience as one typically expects beyond security. If you are hungry and have some time to kill, Chili’s does serve some allergy friendly meals. Our experience here was fine and we had no complaints.

Now that we have begun this blog, we hope to do better at documenting our experiences on future trips and keep track of information that would be helpful, but you gotta start somewhere.

We hope to come up with some good snack and meal ideas before our next trip (which is booked! But more on that later). We would really appreciate if people could tell us what they do while travelling. Do you have any good snacks or meals? Or can you recommend restaurants at any airports? Please share!


Not actually gluten free airport food. Also, probably a sin against sushi, but I was curious.

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