A Day in Harajuku

Harajuku (and specifically Takeshita Street) was a must see for me while in Tokyo. I’d read a lot about it and it seemed like it would be a pretty fun place to check out and different from anything I’d seen before. It was super easy to get to with the Yamanote Line (free with your JR Pass if you decide to get one!). From the station we headed straight to Takeshita Street. It’s hard to miss since it’s labelled with a huge archway/sign you walk under once you get there.


This place is chaotic so be prepared! It’s really crowded and you’ll definitely be weaving in and out of people to get where you want. Although this can be a pain sometimes, it also makes it an excellent place to people watch! We got to see some Japanese girls dressed in “Harajuku style” that a lot of foreigners were taking pictures with. If you aren’t sure what Harajuku style is, do a quick google search for some pics. It’s pretty interesting and really hard to describe!

Takeshita Street is lined with stores selling clothes, make up, candy, snacks, and more. Want a Disney themed contact case? You can get it. Want color contacts in 100 different colors? You can get that too. Want a Pokemon lip balm? Yep, they got that too! Want cotton candy bigger than y our head? Of course!

For lunch, Ried and I stopped at a 7-11 and just had a quick bite so we could explore more. I stopped at a candy shop (I have a major sweet tooth!) and picked up an assorted bag to carry around in my purse and I also decided to try some massive cotton candy from Totti Candy Factory! This shop is decorated with tons of pink balls hanging from the ceiling and you can browse their candy collection while waiting in line to order. Once you get your cotton candy, you head outside and down the stairs where everyone stands around and eats their delicious treat. There are employees (guards to make sure you don’t walk and eat, we saw some tourists get stopped) that help direct you to where to stand and will take your stick once you are done eating and offer you a wet wipe to clean your hands (talk about good service!). Ried loves ice cream so he stopped at one of the many ice cream shops and tried some sesame ice cream. He said he prefers regular ice cream but enjoyed trying something new.

Note: The Pompompurin café is also located on this street. It seems pretty popular among the themed restaurants and there was quite a line up. So if you are interested, just be prepared for a bit of a wait! Ried and I didn’t try it out but if you did let me know what you thought!

After touring Takeshita Street, we headed to Yoyogi Park which is located right behind Harajuku station. It’s a really nice park with lots of walking paths. It’s pretty crowded but the further in you go the less crowded it is. We saw lots of traditional Kimonos, a dojo, and Ried tried some dango (not gluten free unfortunately). We really enjoyed walking through the park and it was a good rest after the craziness that is Harajuku!


3 thoughts on “A Day in Harajuku

  1. How cool you got to spend a whole day and hard can go where we only got a few hours but we did get to try the giant cotton candy and do some shopping and ended up eating there but the stores are closing and we had to leave I want to read the rest of your post later tonight


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