Hard Rock Hotel Cancun – All Inclusive

Last week my wife and I decided to go on a little get away to have some fun in the sun. Technically this is a decision we made back in September after smoke from nearby forest fires kept us indoors for most of August and September. We booked a trip to Cancun for a week of lazing on a beach and devouring delicious foods and drinks. In order to accomplish this we booked ourselves plane tickets and a week’s stay at the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun – All Inclusive.

We left from YVR last Monday (November 12) and what was supposed to be a one stop trip flying to Cancun via San Francisco, turned into a two stop trip stopping in Houston because of the horrible forest fires in California (interesting how forest fires influenced this trip). After a night of coordinating flights and a later pickup from the airport, we made it to Cancun! Having booked this vacation through Expedia, we included a shuttle from the airport to our hotel. If you are booking a stay at the Hard Rock, our first recommendation is that you don’t bother with a shuttle. While the staff were pleasant and the ride to the airport was simple, taking a taxi would have been cheaper and easier still. A taxi would only cost 450 pesos and saves you from stopping at numerous other hotels on the way.

Upon arrival at the Hard Rock, we were treated to what is very likely our best check in experience to date. As I had stated earlier, we booked this vacation through Expedia and, as gold members, were given a free room upgrade and VIP check in. I am not entirely sure what difference there is between VIP check in and normal check in, but upon arrival our bags were taken, we were offered cool towels (which were extremely refreshing as we adjusted to the temperature and humidity change from our home), and a waiter came and took drink orders. Check in was very simple and we went to grab a quick lunch at the buffet while our room was prepared (we arrived a few hours before check in, but staff notified us as soon as our room was ready).

We were given a room on the top floor with a beautiful view of the ocean. Our room was spacious and clean with a plate of chocolates awaiting our arrival. Our room had all the amenities we could hope for including a fridge full of drinks, a selection of bottled alcohol, Bluetooth speakers… The bed was one of the most comfortable we have ever slept in and pillow service was included (we tried ordering a few pillows throughout our stay and we had plenty of pillows by the end), the pillow menu also included aromatherapy which made our room even more inviting to return to after a great dinner. Room service was also included which we indulged in on two occasions and staff were helpful and we were able to order hot chocolate for Rachel despite it not being on the menu. I won’t do a food review in this post as we will do another post on that at a later time.

Most of our time on this vacation was spent on the beach which was quiet at the start of our stay but got a bit busier on the weekend. With our upgraded room, we were given access to the exclusive part of the beach which had nicer recliners. Upon arrival at the beach, we were approached by a member of staff who asked if we would like an umbrella which we said yes to and he quickly set up for us. Throughout the day, a waiter would come by to see if we had any drink requests and even brought snacks to a number of people on the beach. There was beach volleyball if you’re inclined and a beautiful stretch of beach that spans past countless other resorts and offered great walking. The location is certainly beautiful.

For those who prefer the pool, there is one main pool and two smaller ones which require an upgraded room to access. There were activities, and the music here was a step up from the typical 24/7 Pitbull we usually hear at resorts. Music ranges from current hits to the classics. We also attended a few of the shows which were well done though we feel we have seen better shows at other resorts.

The resort also offers a resort credit which when applied basically means 80% of the price of whatever you are buying. We used it for our excursion to Chichen Itza and feel like we got a fair price, though we would never have paid the full price for the trip without the credit. This credit was explained to us by a staff member who tries to have you attend a time share pitch (which we immediately declined) and offers a free excursion if you sit through it. This may be worth it for some people, but we did not feel like wasting vacation time to sit through a sales pitch for something we would never buy.

Checkout was also smooth and painless without any hidden fees. After checkout, we returned to the Airport (this time by taxi) and said goodbye to our week in paradise.

Overall, this was our nicest experience ever at a resort and we felt pampered throughout our stay. It is a bit pricier than other resorts but beyond that I struggle to think of anything that I would consider a negative to our stay. My biggest complaint is that we tried to contact someone from the resort beforehand to discuss Rachel’s allergies, but despite our efforts, we were unable to get Hard Rock to respond to us. Despite this, I would not be opposed to staying here again in the future and highly recommend it to others.

Cancun Sunset

I hope that this information is helpful when considering this resort!



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