Luxembourg: Exploring a Nation in a Day

Today I am writing another post from our trip to France. I would like to address these topics as they were already so long ago. Unfortunately, because it has been such a long time, it is difficult to go into the detail we would like but still hope our experience will be helpful or interesting.

I mentioned in my post about Novotel in Paris that we had spent most of our trip at the one hotel, but we did get out of France a couple times. We woke up in Paris and used our rail passes to hop on a train. Our family had experience with the rail passes from previous travels and booked all of our tickets for us. Our experience with the rail pass was that it was not worthwhile as we still had to pay a reservation fee each time we booked seats. Furthermore, we were not always able to book the train rides that we wanted which made it impossible to be impulsive and we missed out on visiting some locations we had really looked forward to. When we did Italy we pre-booked all of our train rides which was much cheaper and dependable. In the future we will probably always pre-book our trains in Europe.

Luxembourg is one of the smallest nations in Europe but is exceptionally wealthy for its size. All of our time was spent in Luxembourg City which is very clean and beautiful. What also struck me is how quiet it is, which is likely due to the fact that the population of Luxembourg is just over half a million people. Most of our time here was spent walking the UNESCO World Heritage walking tour through the city. This walk offers some beautiful views of the historic buildings, the fortifications, and Adolphe Bridge. We didn’t have much time to explore beyond this, and we didn’t do much research prior to going so we didn’t have any goals.

In retrospect, I feel that we missed out on the natural beauty that can be found in Luxembourg. Having done more research since, I have found hiking trails that have historic and natural appeal that I would make an effort to see if we ever return.

Ultimately, Luxembourg is quite small and is overshadowed by its neighbouring countries. The main appeal to visiting is probably just to say you’ve been to a country few people visit. There are some interesting sights to see if you have the time, but having been, I don’t feel that great of a need to go back. Luxembourg seems to be a beautiful city to live in, but may not have the excitement that you are looking for as a tourist.

Unfortunately all of my photos from this trip were really bad. I hope to improve moving forward.

3 thoughts on “Luxembourg: Exploring a Nation in a Day

  1. There are some castels outside of the city. The country as you said is small so one can easily do day trips. Also transportation is really cheap 😉


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