Ah Cacao Chocolate Café – Gluten Free Dining in Cancun

Ah Cacao Chocolate Café is a cute café located in the Plaza La Isla shopping center just down the road from most of the resorts in Cancun.It was a 2.5 km walk from our hotel (Hard Rock Hotel Cancun) and was a great stop for a day when the weather wasn’t ideal. They advertise gluten free and vegan options on their menu so we decided to stop in and check it out!

They offer a wide assortment of beverages (both hot and cold) and a small selection of savory foods (the tamales were the only GF option I noted) but I was in the mood for a dessert. I was torn between the brownie and the corn cake but decided to try something a little different than what I would get back in Canada and went for the corn cake.

The Menu

I wasn’t sure what to expect exactly, but ended up being served something that looked similar to cheesecake. In the end, my best description is a light, corn flavored cheesecake. That really doesn’t do it justice though as it was really good! I would definitely eat it again!

This café has a laid back atmosphere and is basically a coffee shop with a few meal options. After you order there is limited indoor seating if you need air conditioning, or you can sit outside and watch people as they shop or gaze down the street for a glimpse of the lagoon.

If you are in the Cancun region and looking for a sweet treat, check out Ah Cacao Chocolate Café!


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