Kyoto okazaki machiya ‘Nagomi’, Kyoto

When looking at travelling to Japan, I’m sure that Kyoto tops many people’s lists of where to visit. While some people would view the fast pace, modern designs, and insanity that can only be found in Tokyo to be the highlight of Japan, there is another group that wants to see the history and architecture of what Japan used to be. In many ways Kyoto is the contrast of Tokyo. While in Kyoto, we found the city to be relatively slow paced and calm and instead of towering skyscrapers everywhere you go, shorter wooden buildings are common. Kyoto is definitely worth the visit.

We spent our time in Kyoto staying at Kyoto okazaki machiya ‘Nagomi’, Kyoto. After taking the train from the Snow Monkey Park, we weren’t sure what to expect but we did know it would be different than our last few nights. When we got off the train we punched the hotel into google maps and started walking. After a half hour walk dragging our bags through the streets of Kyoto, we arrived at our destination… which apparently wasn’t the hotel. We picked up some dinner at a 7-11 and sat on our suitcases while trying to figure out where we were going.The good news was that we were walking in almost exactly the right direction,the bad news was that we weren’t even half way there. At this point a rational person would probably call a cab, but we decided to keep walking. The hotel actually isn’t hard to get to from the train station using public transit, just make sure you are going to the right place first.

Kyoto okazaki machiya ‘Nagomi’, Kyoto isn’t a standard hotel, it’s almost like an Airbnb. You get an apartment and it is cleaned every day, but there isn’t the average reception and you are given a code to get in and out of your door so checkout means just walking out with bags in tow. The prices were very reasonable and the rooms comfortable. Upon arrival (rather late after getting lost), there was a staff member waiting for us inside who gave us the necessary information.

The rooms included a living space with small kitchenette downstairs, and the bedroom and washroom upstairs. There is plenty of space but be aware there is no furniture save a small coffee table. You sleep on futons that are tucked away every time they clean. If you need to sit, you will be sitting on the mats on the floor. This wasn’t an issue for us, but if you want a chair or a bed after a day of exploring, this isn’t the hotel for you.

This hotel was very comfortable and was located in a great location for visiting sites.Transit stations were located nearby, convenience stores were a short walk away if you wanted to pick up snacks or a light meal. We actually walked to a number of sites from our hotel (silver temple, geisha district, Nishiki market). As a bonus, there is a gluten free/vegan restaurant located about a 15 minute walkaway.

I would recommend this hotel to anyone and the rooms were very spacious (except some beams which were a little low and I whacked my head pretty good a few times).If you are considering visiting Kyoto, consider Kyoto okazaki machiya ‘Nagomi’.

2 thoughts on “Kyoto okazaki machiya ‘Nagomi’, Kyoto

  1. We loved Kyoto and had a few adventures finding things, too. We stayed at a Ryokan in the Hakone which had traditional mats and futons. Lovely, but I was glad it was only for one night. 😉


    1. Hi Jane,
      Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip. We tried the futons a few times and they were nice since my feet weren’t dangling off a bed but I was definitely ready for a bed by the time we got to Hiroshima. We visited Hakone as well, hope you come back to see our future post and let us know what your experience was like.
      Thanks for your comment!

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