La Pizzarra – Gluten Free Eating in Cancun

On one of our many walks while visiting Cancun, we discovered La Pizzarra – a restaurant in La Isla Shopping Village advertising gluten free food. Although the food at our resort was delicious, I was up for trying something different, so Ried and I figured we’d give it a go.

The menu showed a variety of pastas and pizzas to choose from (able to be made gluten free upon request) and at first I chose the sirloin pizza. It turned out they were out of sirloin so I ended up going for the 3 cheese classic pizza.

I received a very large sized pizza (I was able to take my left overs with me so I had a snack on the plane the next day). The gluten free crust is thin and crunchy.The toppings only included cheese which was tasty, but I had expected tomato sauce on a “classic” pizza so it wasn’t quite what I was anticipating. Just a heads up so you know what to expect!

They did have a dessert menu, but I was way too full to even consider it, so unfortunately I can’t report on the gluten free options. Ah Cacao (the café I reviewed in an earlier post) is right beside La Pizzarra, so you could always stop there to satisfy your sweet tooth if necessary!

The location of the restaurant is quite nice, you get a nice view of the lagoon and can watch as people try all sorts of water sports in front of you

Overall, I’d recommend eating here if you need a break from resort fare. I would try a different pizza next time (something with sauce to help give the GF crust a bit of moisture).


Note from Ried – I ordered a barbecue chicken panini at our lunch. I had hoped that they would offer some more local options but you are fairly limited to pizzas and similar foods. The panini was tasty though nothing amazing. I recommend this restaurant to those who have allergies and need a place to eat, or for those who need a break from Mexican food and want to eat something familiar.

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