5 Things to do in Cancun

1.  Beach Time

Cancun has beautiful beaches and amazing blue ocean water. If you’ve booked a trip to Cancun, I don’t think anyone needs to tell you to visit the beach, but I had to put it on the list!

2. Shopping

Cancun is a tourist area which means there is a lot of shopping nearby. Head to La Isla Shopping Village or Luxury Avenue Shopping Mall for a variety of shopping experiences. There’s expensive stores like Rolex and Swarovski, clothing shops like Forever 21, and, of course, multiple souvenir shops.

3. Snorkelling

This is something Ried and I didn’t actually get to do on this trip but normally love to do while on beach vacations. Next time I’d love to check out the underwater museum to see the man made corals and fish they house. Both scuba and snorkeling excursions are offered to visit the underwater museum.

4. Visit Mayan Ruins

Ried and I went to Chichen Itza and it was a highlight of the trip. I wrote about it in more detail on an earlier post so definitely check it out if you are interested! Tulum and Coba are also nearby to Cancun and I would love to check them out on our next visit to Cancun! I’ve been told that Tulum is the only coastal site where Mayan ruins exist. Tulum may even be the place to stay if you want to avoid the resorts of Cancun. Coba is recommended to those who want the opportunity to actually climb a Mayan ruin!

5. Swim in a Cenote

From what I was told by locals, there are thousands of cenotes in this part of Mexico. We went to one that was included in our day trip to Chichen Itza (X-Cajum) and it was a really neat experience. Cenotes are natural water-filled holes basically. Some are more cave-like while others are just huge pits in the ground. Figure out what you think would be cooler to see and find one that suits your interests!

Obviously there are numerous things to do in Cancun (way more than 5!) but these are the ones that stuck out to me as most important to mention. Enjoy your trip!


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