Gluten Free and Vegan Food in Any City in Japan!

While travelling we have often found ourselves wandering the streets searching for a decent gluten and dairy free meal. As we wander, our criteria often drops from decent food to anything edible. Fortunately, in Japan, Sushi is prevalent and delicious and often gluten free (though not vegan). That is where Coco Curry comes in. Coco curry is a huge chain throughout Japan and if you are in a major city in Japan, odds are there is a Coco Curry within walking distance of you right now. Not surprisingly, Coco curry serves curry, or to be more specific,Japanese curry. Japanese curry is different from other curries I have had and is more comparable to a stew served with rice. Coco curry is a great option on a cold damp day as the meal is warm and hearty. As an added bonus, it’s an opportunity to eat a gluten free version of a Japanese food.

I never ate the gluten free version myself so I will let Rachel give her take on how it tasted. I can say that there are some delicious options for your companions who can eat gluten but won’t get into detail as that would be cruel to write in a post about gluten free food. The restaurant has a diner like vibe and always had good service in our experience. The meal was a nice break from sushi and was quite cheap.

Ried’s curry – the gluten free one wasn’t really picture worthy

There is one option available for people who choose to eat gluten free/vegan. It’s also safe for most other major allergies. If you check out Coco Curry’s allergen PDF online ( can have a look for yourself to see if it’s safe for you! When you order this however, be prepared for your curry to come heated in a plastic bag. The allergy friendly meal is prepared offsite and heated in a plastic bag before being served. Rachel enjoyed the meal and the opportunity to try Japanese curry. We also appreciated that it was prepared offsite and served in bags as there is no greater guarantee that there is no contamination while eating out. The downside is you are served a meal in a plastic bag that you pour out yourself, it’s not exactly pretty. When Rachel ordered, the waiter suggested that she order two servings (they are both super cheap so it still costs less than a normal meal). We definitely recommend ordering two as one would not be enough.

 In the end, we both enjoyed our meals and were happy to know there was always a safe meal nearby.


Note from Rachel: I really enjoyed the opportunity to try a Japanese curry. I definitely drooled over Ried’s delicious looking meals there but mine still tasted good and was a satisfying meal. I could not find the allergen free curry on Coco Curry’s menu at first so I had to ask the waiter who then brought me a different menu with my curry listed. I definitely recommend checking it out if for nothing other than to have the experience!

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