Vacation Planning with Expedia

Ried and I have booked the majority of our vacations through Expedia. There are plenty of options out there for booking hotels, flights, etc. and it’s hard to figure out which is the best. I thought I’d list the reasons why I like Expedia and why it works for us to help you out when you go to book your next trip!


With Expedia, it’s easy to pick what you want, in the price range you want. I find the prices are quite comparable with other vacation booking websites and Expedia lists it in a super easy way so you can decide how much you want to spend and what you get at various price points.

Easy to Bundle Flights and Hotels

I love that I can book everything in one place. You also often can get better deals by bundling hotels and flights. After you book it, you only have to access one app/website to see all of your vacation details. No fumbling around for papers, e-mails, etc.

VIP Status

Because Ried and I book so much through Expedia, we have gold member status. This gets us upgrades at certain hotels which we have enjoyed multiple times. In Florence we had our room upgraded, in Venice we received complimentary champagne upon arrival, and in Cancun we were upgraded to an awesome room that allowed us all-inclusive room service, a better room, and access to the best locations by the pool and on the beach. It’s always nice to feel special when you arrive at your hotel and VIP status definitely gives us that!

Expedia Points

As you book through Expedia you accumulate points which can be used to offset the cost of future trips. Hotels can end up being next to nothing in price once you apply your points or you could use them to upgrade your room but keep the cost down. It’s a win-win!

Ried and I really like using Expedia to plan our adventures. There’s lots of options out there though and I’d love to hear what you use in the comments below!


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