Hiroshima Washington Hotel

During our time in Hiroshima, we stayed at the Hiroshima Washington Hotel (the name feels kind of weird given the history of the city). After our time in Kyoto, we boarded a train to Hiroshima and upon arrival walked from the station to the hotel. Finding the hotel was simple and the walk wouldn’t have been too bad if the wheel on Rachel’s suitcase hadn’t fallen apart. If you are planning on making the walk from the station, you can expect it to take about 20 minutes.

The Hiroshima Washington Hotel is in a great location for tourists as it is located one kilometer away from the atomic bomb dome. The walk to the dome, museum and peace park takes you through a reasonably large mall which is great for walking as it is covered and there is little traffic. The hotel is in close proximity to restaurants and shopping, and there are numerous convenience stores within a block. I highly recommend this hotel for its location.

Atomic bomb dome as seen through the peace memorial.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted with the politeness and courtesy that we had come to expect in Japan. Check in went smoothly and when we checked out we stored our bags for a few hours while we did some last minute exploring before our train. Overall we had no complaints about the staff and service that we received.

Our room was modern and clean with all the amenities that we needed including fast wifi. The room wasn’t particularly large but we had room for our bags and the bed was large and comfortable (probably a proper queen size). This was the first time we had slept in a bed since Tokyo and was welcome at this point. The washroom was spacious with a large shower/bathtub which was peaceful to use.

The price of the hotel was very reasonable at under 100$ CAD. It isn’t the most luxurious hotel we have ever stayed in but I don’t know that we have ever stayed somewhere as nice for that price. If you are planning to visit Hiroshima, were commend you stay at the Hiroshima Washington Hotel.


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