4 Tips for Visiting Bruges

As part of Rachel’s and my trip to France with her family, we decided to take the train to Bruges. This was actually my second time in Belgium and I was really looking forward to it. In my opinion, Belgium is often overlooked as a tourist destination which is really a shame as it is definitely a gem. My first visit was to Brussels and I had a great time with many fond memories as a kid. There are tons of museums and beautiful architecture and is a delight to walk around. While Belgium lacks the well-known landmarks that may be found in neighboring countries, it is a beautiful country that should be on anyone’s list if they are travelling through Europe. Before you go, check out my top four tips when visiting Bruges.

Bring a Camera

Honestly, the reason you go to Bruges isn’t for a specific site. It’s for the city itself. Bruges really is a charming little city with cobblestone streets, lovely gardens, and beautiful buildings. Picture worthy locations will be found in abundance so don’t forget to stop and take a picture to remember your trip.

Walk Around

Because the reason to visit Bruges is the city itself, take some time to walk around. There are a few sites that you will want to make sure you see but really it’s ok to just get lost for a bit. Follow whatever draws your attention and you might just find an amazing spot that speaks to you. It’s a quiet city so it is a great opportunity to find some peace.

Make a Day Trip

I’m not saying the best way to see Bruges is as a day trip but if you have some time, it is worth a visit. We took the train from Paris and spent the day here before going back to Paris that night. It gave us time to wander around and see the sites that interested us. We didn’t feel rushed and were able to relax throughout the day. I didn’t feel the need to spend much more time here in the end. You’d be amazed how far you can go in a day.


Belgium is worth visiting just for the food. They have so many amazing meals and snacks. Did you know French Fries actually originate in Belgium? Pick some up from a street vendor along with some mayonnaise and you will quickly see that they have perfected the art of the fry. Beyond the fries, the Belgian waffles and chocolate is actually as good as you would imagine. In my experience, the waffles and fries are much better from the street vendors than what the restaurants offer. We ate at a small brasserie at Markt and were very disappointed with the waffles. We followed up with a second at a stall because we felt like we must be missing out and the difference was astounding. We also had the most amazing chocolate at the Chocolatarie Dumon which we highly recommend.

Bruges is definitely a town worth visiting once (and possibly again just for the chocolate)!


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