Unahotels Vittoria Firenze – Florence Hotel Review

Unahotels Vittoria Firenze was a fun experience. The rooms were awesome (as you will see in some pictures) and I was able to enjoy some delicious gluten free options for breakfast. Keep reading to find out why I enjoyed our stay here and who I would recommend this hotel for!

Getting There

Ried and I hadn’t quite figured out using our cell phone while travelling during this trip and were relying on screen shots from google maps and plain old paper maps to guide us. This usually worked out fine for us.However, with Unahotels Vittoria we struggled to find our destination the night we arrived in Florence. It took us 2-3 hours to walk from San Marco Vecchio train station to our hotel. This is because we got lost. A lot. When we finally found our hotel we were so relieved! It’s a bit tricky to find as it’s hidden behind a large gate with a small purple sign beside it that says the name of the hotel. If you miss that little sign, you’re in trouble.

Normally, it should have only taken us about an hour to complete the journey on foot. It’s still a long way to go with suitcases though and I highly suggest taking a bus or cab to get there!


Despite being far from the train station, if you don’t mind a little walking Unahotels was in a decent location. It’s only 1.5 km from the Ponte Vecchio which is totally doable. From there, you are pretty close to a few major sites (Santa Maria Cathedral, Uffizi Gallery Museum, etc.).

The downside is if you want to use Florence as a hub to explore other places (we made a day trip to bike out in the Tuscan countryside) Unahotels is quite far from the train station and bus station which makes a bus or taxi often necessary.


We were upgraded to a better room thanks to being Expedia VIP members which was a nice surprise! The door to each room has a famous Italian person painted on it which added some character (we stayed with Luigi). When we walked into our room we had to laugh – LED lights everywhere! The rooms were very modern and very colorful. The beds were comfortable and the bathrooms were a good size. The washroom featured a large rainfall shower and was the first hotel we stayed in where Ried could fit in the shower comfortably. Overall the room itself was very spacious and clean.

This room had all the necessary amenities and wifi was fast and accessible. This hotel was the first time we experienced a switch beside the bed that could shut off all of the lights or turn different ones on or off individually including the small LEDs which were kind of fun. A nice feature was the switch you could press to turn on a light outside your room which meant do not disturb. This was a nice feature on mornings where you just wanted to stay in bed.


The service here was phenomenal! When we first checked in we were greeted by an employee who took a solid 30 minutes reviewing a map of Florence with us and highlighting major sights and how to get there. She was our go-to person at the hotel whenever we had a transportation question and I definitely appreciated her help! The kitchen staff were also amazing which leads me to my next point.


Breakfast was included with our stay and I was curious what gluten free options I would (or wouldn’t) find. I was pleasantly surprised and found that Unahotels had the best gluten free options of any hotel I had ever been to up to that point. There were the usual hardboiled eggs and fruit but if I asked a hotel kitchen staff for gluten free options they would bring me a little basket filled with snacks that I could choose from (cookies, buns,etc.).  It was so nice to be able to start my day with an easy and filling meal!

-Note from Ried: The food was quite good even if you do not have allergies. The buffet had many options and was served in a bright well decorated dining room where we enjoyed every breakfast. The kitchen staff was very friendly and helpful each day. This was a great way to start the day as it is not all the time that we find somewhere that Rachel and I can both eat enough to fill us up for a long day of walking.

I would absolutely recommend Unahotels Vittoria Firenze for your stay in Venice. The service, comfy rooms, gluten free breakfast, and proximity to major sites was a huge draw to us. The only downside is the trek to the train and bus stations. So if you are planning to leave town frequently, you may want a different hotel.


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