Hotel Continentale – The Price was Right


When Rachel and I travelled to Rome we stayed at the Hotel Continentale. I’ll begin by saying this was the cheapest hotel of the trip at less than 100$ a night. This hotel is actually in a decent area for the budget traveler.It is about a 10 minute walk from the train station in Rome which we travelled to by bus after leaving the airport. The neighbourhood is a bit run down and seedy but we felt generally safe. The street contained a number of hotels and pubs and is a decent place to meet people in the evening as the crowds of young travelers burst right out of the bars. It is easily accessible and we had no issues dragging our bags to the hotel from the station.

Between the station and the hotel are a number of small cafes and there is a fruit stand outside the train station where we picked up fruit for breakfast. Most of Rome’s attractions are located past the station from the hotel and took about half an hour to walk. In our opinion, this hotel is accessible to the main attractions by walking and is about 2.5 km.

Hotel Grounds

Our experience began as we walked off the street into the courtyard to the hotel and followed the signs to the service desk on the second floor. We were greeted by a sleepy looking clerk who we questioned just what he might be looking at on his computer. He was friendly enough and checked us in. We pulled ourselves and our bags into the smallest elevator that we had ever been on and went to our room.


The bedroom was actually a decent size with a small window that faced into an alley. The furniture was definitely dated but overall, this room looked like what we would expect at our given price point. The amenities were fine and the room was clean. The bed wasn’t the most comfortable to sleep in but we were so exhausted on our stay that we could have slept anywhere (except the washroom).

The washroom was the most memorable experience for us at this hotel. It was tiny. I am a large man. I am 6’3” and fairly broad and while sitting on the toilet, my shoulders nearly touched both walls at once. I usually opened the door while using the sink to give me space. While using the shower I had to crouch significantly to get my head under the faucet, however, I could not bend over as I would hit my head on the wall. Honestly, I could touch all four walls while standing in the middle of the washroom. We found all of this kind of humorous, but if you are a larger person, this may not be the hotel for you.

Overall Experience

In the end we had a great stay. Checkout was simple (you will need to pay city taxes at checkout but this can’t be avoided in Rome), the rooms were kept clean, and most of all, it was affordable. I definitely recommend this hotel if it meets your price point, just don’t expect any frills. Being big never makes travel easy as most countries are not built for my height so I can’t fault them for that, but be prepared. Give Hotel Continentale a shot if you are looking for a room in Rome at less than 100$ a night!


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