Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel – Staying in Japan’s Tallest Building

The Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel is the tallest building in Japan and offers stunning views with modern rooms. On our visit, Rachel and I stayed in the Superior Guest Room for our two nights in Osaka. At this point in our travels, this may be the nicest hotel we have stayed at (though it’s a bit of a toss up with the Palazza Paruto in Venice if you ask me).

The Building

Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel is located in a beautiful and modern sky scraper in downtown Osaka. It is easily accessible by train though it is not located particularly close to many tourist attractions. Fortunately, the building itself is somewhat of a tourist attraction and offers an observation deck on the 58-60th floors (a pass is included for guests of the hotel). The views are stunning and the observatory offers an amazing panoramic view. As we stayed on the 54th floor, we were able to enjoy almost the same view from our room which had floor to ceiling windows.

Honestly, the only thing I can critique about the building is navigating the elevators to get to your room. When entering the building, there are a number of elevators to choose from. You need to pay attention to which you choose as not all of them go all the way to the hotel. Once on the hotel floor, you enter through the spacious lobby and walk to another set of elevators which will take you to your floor. In our opinions this was only a minor inconvenience and totally worth the stay.

Check In

Upon arrival we were greeted by possibly the friendliest (and definitely the most polite) staff of any hotel we have ever stayed at. Check in was quick and we were soon showed to our room (not having to worry about tips in Japan is an added bonus). There were plenty of staff so there was only a short wait as we checked in.

The politeness of the staff at this hotel is incredible, and sometimes uncomfortable. It may just be that we had not stayed at the nicest hotels before but we were not used to the treatment we received here. Once when going to our room, a staff member who was waiting for the elevator gestured for us to go on before him and once on he sent the elevator up and waited for the next one. We made it up a few floors before the doors opened to a house cleaner who apologized and then bowed… very very deeply. This was well beyond the typical bowing that you will see in Japan and as if it wasn’t uncomfortable enough, she remained bowing for what felt like an eternity while we waited for the door to close. We found the event quite funny as it is definitely a bit of a culture shock and we are uncomfortable with being treated as if we are better than anyone.

The Room

Upon arrival to our room, we were in awe. No buildings in the area come even close in height to Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel and we could see forever. We probably weren’t on the best side of the hotel for views but it was amazing nonetheless. The room was amazingly clean and modern with every amenity we could hope for from wifi to complementary cell phone. The shower/bath had a window which opened to the bedroom and allowed you to look through the window while bathing. When entering the bathroom, the toilet seat would automatically raise and close when leaving. The bed was comfortable, and the room was very spacious. There is nothing about the room that I can fault.


Our stay was incredible and while on the pricey side, we felt like it was a good value. We took it slower in Osaka and spent more time in the room which gave us an opportunity to relax and recharge before we continued to Hakone. If you are planning a stay in Osaka and are able to stay here, we highly recommend it. So if you are wondering where to stay in Osaka, check out the Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel.

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