Using a Toilet in Malaysia

I don’t know about you, but I find great joy in coming across a decent public bathroom while travelling. Something about being stuck using bathrooms that aren’t your own for prolonged periods of time makes coming across a clean, well-stocked toilet all the more happiness-inducing. Unfortunately, Malaysia didn’t really do that for me as far as bathrooms go. They weren’t the worst I have experienced, but were definitely far from my favorite public bathrooms in Japan (if you like reading about toilets in other countries, make sure you check out my post on Japan’s!). In this post, I’ll outline all the things you need to know and bring with you before heading into that toilet stall!

First of all: bring toilet paper with you. Malaysian toilets don’t come stocked with toilet paper. I packed some tissues in my purse with me so I always had some on hand. From my understanding, instead of toilet paper you are supposed to use the hose located beside the toilet to clean yourself. I couldn’t bring myself to use a communal hose to clean myself, so I stuck to bringing my own tissue.

Secondly: the floor will be wet. Remember those hoses you read about in the last paragraph? Well, it makes things a little damp. At least that was my best assumption for why the floor was always one huge puddle. If you are inclined to run around bathrooms barefoot, don’t do it in Malaysia. I also found that toilet seats were usually quite wet as well – might be best to hover!

Thirdly: there was always running water and a good supply of soap. I’m sure this isn’t true in every bathroom in Malaysia, but while we were in Kuala Lumpur I was always able to locate soap and water to clean my hands post toilet use.

Ried and I really enjoyed our time in Kuala Lumpur despite the bathrooms not being my favorite ever. I hope this post helps you be prepared for toileting in Malaysia and stay tuned for posts from our trip to Kuala Lumpur!


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