Green Waffle Diner – Gluten Free Dining in Hong Kong

While in Hong Kong we mostly ate convenience store snacks for breakfasts. This was because of a few reasons, but mostly due to time (we wanted to get moving quicker and see the sites) and the time of year (Lunar New Year means lots of restaurants close for the week or open late). We spent a number of mornings hunting down small restaurants to find they were closed for the week. Our last day in Hong Kong we decided to take it slow and get brunch at the Green Waffle Diner in Central, Hong Kong.

Green Waffle Diner offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. It opens at 9 am and stays open until the evening (the hours vary a bit depending on the day of the week so I’d check their Facebook page closer to the date you plan on going for more accurate times). We decided on brunch as I heard they offered gluten free waffles and those can be hard to find at restaurants!

For the waffles, you can order a buckwheat option to make it GF which is what I did. You can pick your toppings and I chose condensed milk, chocolate syrup, and strawberries. It was super tasty with a nice texture and the toppings were delicious. Ried had an eggs benedict which he said was quite good as well.

After looking through the menu I think that the best gluten free option is the waffles. I think if you came here for another meal you would be looking at a salad or else having to go through the hassle of altering something on the menu to have a GF meal. I would absolutely recommend Green Waffle Diner for breakfast or brunch! Very delicious options for both the gluten avoiders and gluten eaters in any group! Good service and a nice atmosphere


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