Jurassic Park… for Birds. KL Bird Park

A couple years ago Rachel and I bought one of those maps that let you scratch off the places you have been and I’m a bit ashamed to say how much sway scratching that map has on our vacation planning. However, the need to scratch off places on that map inspires us to go places we might not otherwise. For Lunar New Year we decided we wanted to celebrate in Hong Kong and follow up with a trip to Singapore. We figured that since we were so close we may as well visit Macau as well. There was only one problem with this plan which you might realize if you have a scratch map… these are three of the smallest countries we could visit (Hong Kong and Macau aren’t even marked on ours!). That led us to look at other countries we could add onto our trip which led us to Malaysia (I’ll admit that there are better reasons to plan a trip) and we loved it!

We stayed in Kuala Lumpur and had a great time. This was the first time we had travelled somewhere where we really felt like the Canadian dollar went far! When researching what to do in KL we found the KL Bird Park which is one of the top rated attractions in Kuala Lumpur. On our first day in the city we packed up and went out into the sweltering streets and walked to the park where the Bird Park is located. This walk was possibly the hottest I had ever been (soon beat on our day at the Singapore zoo).

We arrived at the park which is kind of expensive compared to other things in Malaysia but still not a bad price compared to Canadian attractions. We entered through a gift shop and lingered for a bit just enjoying the air conditioning (this was worth the price of admission alone). The bird park is reasonably large with netting covering the entire area. As you walk through there are a number of birds in cages which are beautiful to look at but the main fun is all of the birds that are found walking and flying throughout the park. The staff certainly have their work cut out for them cleaning up bird droppings and they do an exceptional job of this.

There are birds of all shapes and sizes and we especially liked a part of the park where there is a waterfall and pond with dozens of large crane like birds (as a biologist I feel like I should have a better name for them like Birdius largius or something). Walking through this area made me feel like we were in Jurassic Park.

We spent a couple of hours admiring the variety of birds and had a great time. I feel like this would be a great attraction for families with kids. Just make sure you keep an eye on your kids because there is a very real chance that they will eat bird poop or pick a fight with a bird larger than they are. I highly recommend a visit to the KL Bird Park if you have any interest in observing exotic birds up close and personal.

Let us know if you have been before or if you have any tips for when we go back one day! Malaysia definitely earned the right to be visited for reasons other than scratching it off of our map.


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