The Macau Roosevelt Hotel

During our latest trip, we spent one night in Macau to get a quick glimpse of the gambling capital of the World. Our hotel was the Macau Roosevelt and, aside from Ried suffering from a bout of food poisoning, we really enjoyed our stay.


The Macau Roosevelt is about a 20-30 min walk from the Cotai Strip where most of the major casinos are located. There are also complimentary shuttles that leave periodically throughout the day to take you to various places throughout the city. We used one to get us to Senado Square where we tried local delicacies and saw the ruins of St. Paul’s cathedral and lots of Portuguese architecture with an Asian twist. The shuttles aren’t super frequent though so you may end up needing to take a taxi or figuring out public transit to get to some areas of Macau.

The Rooms

Our room was spacious and beautiful. We had a great view of one of the waterways and curtains we could control from our bed so we could look out whenever we wanted to without having to get up. It had a big bathtub that also had a great view and there was a separate rainfall shower. The room was clean and comfortable.

Overall Impression

I would definitely stay here again if we ever return to Macau. Our room was super comfortable and the staff very friendly. We didn’t mind the distance from the strip as we took it as an opportunity to get some more walking in. I would recommend this hotel to people who want to enjoy Macau but don’t need to stay in one of the major casinos. The Macau Roosevelt does have a casino on sight but we never did check it out as we went to some of the bigger casinos for that (We had some fun at the Wynn playing the slot machines, but I’ll write more about that another time!).


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