Dairy Free Cheesecake in Florence – Ciro and Sons

Out of all the places I have travelled, I think Italy tops the list for being the most gluten-free friendly. Almost every restaurant offers gluten free pizza and pasta and it’s easy to enjoy the local cuisine without any nasty repercussions. I have a major sweet tooth and tend to go on the hunt for a delicious dessert while on vacation. Italy is full of gelato (super easy to find gluten free options!) but one night, I was in the mood for something a little different. I originally thought I wanted a crepe so I did my typical Google search to see what I could find.

Ciro and Sons popped up as an option so Ried and I headed there for dinner and dessert. Dinner was delicious and full of GF options. My Google search had been slightly misleading for the desserts though and I found the menu didn’t have my long awaited GF crepe. I wasn’t disappointed for long though as I noticed another delicious option – gluten and dairy free cheesecake!

Those with food allergies will understand how hard it is to find certain foods that you absolutely love and that taste as satisfying as the allergen filled ones you remember from before your diagnosis. Cheesecake is definitely on that list for me! I didn’t hesitate and ordered my cheesecake.

The cheesecake tasted delicious! Ried wanted to try a few bites and I was VERY hesitant to share as I wanted every bit for myself. It tasted great and actually tasted like cheesecake which is always a pleasant surprise!

Overall, Ried and I really enjoyed Ciro and Sons. I think it’s safe to say that it was a favorite for me (cheesecake has a way of doing that). I totally recommend coming here to enjoy some allergen free dining!


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